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Updated Atomic Email Hunter 11.40
Posted by Daria Ivanyshyna on 25 April 2016 06:17 AM

Announcing the updated Atomic Email Hunter 11.40: professional software designed to extract email addresses from websites.

The updated version 11.40 includes a number of alterations and innovations:

  • Search email addresses by a domain name (Company Finder)
  • Search query history
  • Program opens in a full screen mode
  • Proxy rotation
  • Notification about dead proxy
  • Registration form update
  • Search at Craigslist was fixed
  • Errors that appeared when checking proxy servers were fixed
  • Error that appeared on saving the preferred countries was fixed
  • Cyrillic domains detection during the search was fixed
  • Errors that appeared when searching using proxy were fixed
  • Error that appeared when Cyrillic symbols in the search bar were detected as keywords was fixed

Download the updated Atomic Email Hunter 11.40 here.

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Updated Atomic Mail Sender 9.30
Posted by Daria Ivanyshyna on 14 April 2016 01:35 AM

We have released a branded-new version of Atomic Mail Sender 9.30.

Download the updated Mail Sender 9.30 at our website.

The improved version includes such new features:

  • Mailing list was optimized for better work with large email lists
  • Large email lists import to Black List was optimized
  • Email message Analyzer error was fixed
  • Improved the preparation speed of sending email message with many images
  • Responsive email templates support (if Internet Explorer 11 is installed)
  • Open Office files import to the mailing list was added
  • New spring email templates were added

Update your bulk mailier today and get more powerful tool for effective email marketing!

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Today we announce you а new version of email verification software - Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30 (download at our website).

What is the benefit?

Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30 has an implemented feature of checking email addresses using a web script.

Who needs this feature and when?

It is relevant to use the verification through web script in case when your ISP blocks the Port 25, and the program gets no access to it.

Read detailed instruction of how to check if the port 25 is blocked.

How does verification through web script work?

You download the web script file, paste it to your website and specify the file URL in the Verifier settings. That’s all! Your email verifier is ready to check the contact list using web script.


This feature provides you with a guaranteed check of email addresses even when your ISP blocks the port 25.

Download Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30

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Atomic Mail Sender 9.20 Update
Posted by Daria Ivanyshyna on 06 April 2016 04:24 AM

We are glad to inform you about Atomic Mail Sender 9.20 version release.

Here is the list of new features and improvements in the latest release:

  • Integration with SendPulse SMTP was added
  • Default messages were added
  • Latvian localization was added
  • The choice of the SMTP server while test message sending was added
  • Calculation of messages size with attached files was fixed
  • Sending of SMTP log to technical support was improved
  • Minor errors were fixed
  • SMTP checker was deleted

You can download the new Atomic Mail Sender 9.20 from our website.

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Atomic Email Hunter 11.30 Release
Posted by Daria Ivanyshyna on 06 April 2016 04:21 AM

We have released a brand-new version of Atomic Email Hunter 11.30

The improved version includes such new features:

  • Search engines option was improved
  • Search engine settings were optimized and improved
  • The forced search type choice for a search field was added
  • The program installator was improved
  • The feature to collect program work statistics was added

Additionally, we improved the current program settings:

  • The webpage downloading threads was improved to speed up the search; the program engine was updated
  • Search links (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo) were fixed for better results and accuranc
  • URL filter option bugs were fixed
  • Localization errors were fixed (in the search field, program settings, etc.)

You can download Atomic Email Hunter 11.30 here.

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Updated Atomic Mail Sender 9.10
Posted by Daria Ivanyshyna on 01 October 2015 01:49 AM

We are glad to announce that there is an updated version of Atomic Mail Sender.

The new Mail Sender 9.10 has essential modifications in the activation system.

Now you can transfer a software license from one computer to another.

To activate your bulk mailer on a new computer you can choose one of these available ways:

  1. If you have access to the previous PC, you can deactivate the software on it using the “Help - Registration” menu, and activate mass email software on a new PC. In this case, the deactivated version stays installed but goes back to a trial mode. Thus, you keep the available number of activations (a license transfer).
  2. If an old computer was broken and you have no access to it anymore, then you can activate the software on a new PC without deactivating the previous one. And it goes without saying that your available number of Sender’s activations decreases.

Another major upgrade deals with the ready-made email templates integrated into the program. They were improved to become more adaptive and modern. We picked the most popular Sender templates and added new designs. Please note that when you choose the program language during installation, it affects the email templates language (English or Russian). Therefore your old templates continue to be available without any changes.

You can review the updated templates list with new designed templates in the “Message -> New from template…” menu.


In addition, Atomic Mail Sender 9.10 includes the following updates:

  • Fixes when email messages’ headers are formed with the use of “random words” or “random text”
  • Big5 encryption error in Unsubscribe Wizard and Bounce Analyzer was fixed

You can download the new Atomic Mail Sender 9.10 from our website.

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